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Established in May of 2021, The Word Traveler is a blog focusing on the world of words and travel. Through books, readers can explore far away places or the hidden places of the soul. Through travel, adventurers connect with global citizens, kindred spirits, and strangers who become more familiar as we share our love of people and the world. I hope you enjoy my wanderings, whether real or imagined. Don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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Iceland’s Waterfalls

Once the cruise ships were running at almost full capacity, I had the chance to take a cruise to Iceland. The 12-day trip began in Dover, England, and included four ports in Iceland as well as three stops in the United Kingdom (Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales) on the way back to Dover. We decidedContinue reading “Iceland’s Waterfalls”

Museum of the Bible

I love museums, and I love reading and studying the Bible, so I was looking forward to exploring the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. We had heard good reports from some friends and family about the museum, but I had some concern that it might be disappointingly kitschy. My concern was unfounded; IContinue reading “Museum of the Bible”

What If?

A Book Review of The Midnight Library I’ve indulged in the “What If” game from time to time. What if I had chosen a different college to attend back in 1975? What if I had said yes to life as a Navy chaplain’s wife? What if I hadn’t lost that baby early in the pregnancyContinue reading “What If?”

Annapolis Earns an A

Last week we decided that too many locations in D.C. were still closed to the public due in COVID restrictions, so we stayed local and were tourists in our own city of Annapolis. We started our morning by viewing the Alex Haley statue on the waterfront, commemorating the arrival of his ancestors on a slaveContinue reading “Annapolis Earns an A”


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